Urban Human Mobility
作者: Jinzhong WangXiangjie KongFeng XiaLijun Sun
刊名: ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter, 2019, Vol.21 (1), pp.1-19
来源数据库: Association for Computing Machinery Journal
DOI: 10.1145/3331651.3331653
原始语种摘要: Human mobility is a multidisciplinary field of physics and computer science and has drawn a lot of attentions in recent years. Some representative models and prediction approaches have been proposed for modeling and predicting human mobility. However, multi-source heterogeneous data from handheld terminals, GPS, and social media, provides a new driving force for exploring urban human mobility patterns from a quantitative and microscopic perspective. The studies of human mobility modeling and prediction play a vital role in a series of applications such as urban planning, epidemic control, location-based services, and intelligent transportation management. In this survey, we review human mobility models based on a human-centric angle in a datadriven context. Specifically, we characterize...
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  • mobility 活动性
  • human 人的
  • centric 在中心的
  • terminals 终端设备
  • location 定位
  • prediction 预报
  • intelligent 有理性的
  • modeling 制祝型
  • unified 统一
  • characterize 成为...的特性