Tess D’Urbervilles—A Suffering Daughter of Nature
作者: Qin Liu
刊名: Education and Linguistics Research, 2018, Vol.4 (2)
来源数据库: Macrothink Institute
DOI: 10.5296/elr.v4i2.14115
原始语种摘要: Thomas Hardy is one of the most outstanding novelists who have made great contribution to the English literature. In his literature creations, he attached great importance to the relationship between man and nature, males and females. In his close observations, he not only sensed the close relationship between women and nature, but also integrated them together into a whole unity. He believed that women are the integral part of nature, and women are more sensitive to blending into the nature. In the male-dominated world, women have the same suffering fate with nature in human civilization, which tends to be isolated and lonely. Hardy advocates to rebuild the respect for women and nature, which is embodied in his feminism conciousness. This paper attempts to study Tess of the D’Urbervilles...
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  • civilization 文明
  • centered 中心馈电的
  • lonely 孤独
  • outstanding 显著的
  • suffering 受难
  • respect 珍视
  • daughter 蜕变产物
  • unity 整体
  • whole 全部的
  • feminism 女权