Study on response time measurement of distracted driving by virtual reality driving simulator
作者: Sunwoo Kim Seongsoo Park Hyowon Jeong Junghwan Sung
刊名: International Journal of Advanced Computer Research(IJACR), 2019, Vol.9 (40)
来源数据库: ACCENTS
关键词: Virtual reality (VR)Distracted drivingDriving simulatorVehicle automation.
原始语种摘要: For safe driving, drivers should always keep their eyes on the road ahead and focus on driving. However, many drivers engage in other activities while driving, such as using mobile phones. The development of information technology and vehicle automation has led to rapid expansion in the control interfaces of automobiles, which in turn has led to increases in incidents of distracted driving. A number of studies have been conducted to measure and inform these risks, among which the visual occlusion test, lane change test, and detection response rate tests are widely used. However, each of these methods has many problems such as the risk of actual vehicle driving and deterioration of immersion due to simulated driving. As an alternative, a virtual reality (VR) driving simulator is proposed....
全文获取路径: ACCENTS 

  • driving 传动的
  • reality 真实
  • simulator 模拟装置
  • distracted 迷惑的
  • information 报告
  • virtual 虚的
  • proposed 建议的
  • automatic 自动的
  • vehicle 
  • development 开发