The Investigation of the Chronical Effects of Static Flexibility Exercises on Some Biomotoric and Physiological Parameters
作者: Erkan Çetinkaya
刊名: Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.164-171
来源数据库: Redfame Institute
DOI: 10.11114/jets.v7i1.3918
原始语种摘要: The aim of this study was to investigate the chronical effects of static flexibility exercises on some biomotoric and physiological parameters in the students studying in sports high schools. A total of 130 high school students, 50 of whom were female and 80 of whom were male, who were studying at İncirliova Sports High School between 9th and 12th grades, with a mean age of 15.92±1.14, a mean sports age of 7.05±3.54, a mean body weight of 58.05±9.11 kilograms, and a mean height of 1.69±0.07 centimeters participated in the study. The participants were given training on static flexibility application with pre-tests. In order to determine the chronical effect, the participants were applied a series of tests including handgrip, sit and reach flexibility, 30 seconds...
全文获取路径: Redfame Institute 

  • flexibility 柔顺性
  • terms 术语
  • school 学校
  • sports 运动
  • between 在中间
  • applications 应用程序
  • protocol 日态
  • handgrip 把手
  • reach 河区
  • deviation 偏差