Computational Visualization and Simulation of Diesel Engines Valve Lift Performance Using CFD
作者: SeminRosli A. BakarAbdul R. Ismail
刊名: American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008, Vol.5 (5), pp.532-539
来源数据库: Science Publications
DOI: 10.3844/ajassp.2008.532.539
原始语种摘要: The paper visualized and simulated the intake and exhaust valve lift in the single-cylinder four-stroke direct injection diesel engine. The visualization and simulation computational development were using the commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics of STAR-CD 3.15A software and GT-SUITE 6.2 software. The one dimensional of valve lift modeling was developed using GT-POWER software and the visualization the model using STAR-CD. The model simulation covers the full engine cycle consisting of intake, compression, power and exhaust. The visualization and simulation shown the diesel engine intake and exhaust valve lifting and moving based on the crank angle degree parameters. The result of this visualization and simulation shows the intake and exhaust valve lift moving and air fluid flow of...
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  • visualization 目测
  • software 软件
  • moving 移动
  • Diesel 柴油机
  • engine 发动机
  • computational 计算的
  • compression 压缩
  • CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • modeling 制祝型
  • simulation 模拟