High biomass producers and promising candidates for biodiesel production from microalgae collection IBASU-A(Ukraine)
作者: Petro TsarenkoOlena BorysovaYaroslav Blume
作者单位: 11M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, NAS of Ukraine, 2 Tereshchenkivska St., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine
22Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomic, NAS of Ukraine, 2a Osypovsky St. Kyiv 04123, Ukraine
刊名: Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies, 2016, Vol.45 (1), pp.79-85
来源数据库: De Gruyter Journal
DOI: 10.1515/ohs-2016-0008
关键词: biofuel productionIBASU-A collectionstrainsbiomass producersspecific growth rateproductivity
原始语种摘要: Abstract A comparative study was carried out on the growth characteristics of 33 strains of 12 species belonging to genera Acutodesmus (7), Botryococcus (1), Chlorella (5), Chloroidium (2), Desmodesmus (8), Euglena (2), Monoraphidium (2), and Parachlorella (6) from the Microalgae Culture Collection of the Institute of Botany, NAS of Ukraine (IBASU-A). All high biomass-producing strains considered as promising candidates for biofuel production demonstrated active growth (high maximum cell concentration, specific growth rate and productivity). The most promising strains included Acutodesmus dimorphus IBASU-A 251, 252, Desmodesmus magnus IBASU-A 401, D. multivariabilis var. turskensis IBASU-A 398, Chlorella vulgaris IBASU-A 189, 192, and Parachlorella kessleri IBASU-A 444. Their productivity...
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  • promising 前提
  • biomass 生物量
  • production 生产
  • growth 生长
  • cultivation 栽培
  • general 普遍的
  • productivity 生产能力
  • industrial 工业的
  • carried 携带
  • collection 收集