Prion Evolvability and the Hazard of Atypical Scrapie in Small Ruminants
作者: David B. Adams
作者单位: 124 Noala Street, Aranda , ACT 2614 , Australia , Tel: +61 2 6161 4825
刊名: Open Veterinary Science, 2020, Vol.1 (1), pp.1-14
来源数据库: De Gruyter Journal
DOI: 10.1515/ovs-2020-0001
关键词: ProteostasisBiosecurityNeurotoxinNeuro-degenerative
原始语种摘要: Abstract Observations on strain behaviour and direct demonstrations of natural selection establish that the scrapie agent and prions in general are able to evolve. Accordingly, it is conceivable that atypical non-contagious scrapie in sheep and goats can transform to classical contagious scrapie under particular circumstances. In consequence, atypical scrapie can be regarded as a latent hazard that warrants comprehensive risk assessment and biosecurity preparedness planning. Evidence for this proposition comes from differences in the expression of atypical and classical scrapie that may make scrapie contagious, historical records of scrapie in Western Europe, and contemporary accounts of the epidemiology of atypical scrapie. Biosecurity preparedness can be based on current knowledge of...
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  • scrapie 瘙痒病
  • contagious 接触传染的
  • atypical 非典型的
  • epidemic 列病的
  • classical 经典的
  • endogenous 内成的
  • degenerative 退化的
  • circumstances 情形
  • propagating 传递
  • historical 历史的