Bumetanide promotes neural precursor cell regeneration and dendritic development in the hippocampal dentate gyrus in the chronic stage of cerebral ischemia
作者: Wang-shu XuXuan SunCheng-guang SongXiao-peng MuWen-ping MaXing-hu ZhangChuan-sheng Zhao
刊名: Neural Regeneration Research, 2016, Vol.11 (5), pp.745-751
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.4103/1673-5374.182700
关键词: Nerve regenerationCerebral ischemiaBumetanideNa + -K + -2Cl- cotransporter 1Hippocampal dentate gyrusNeurogenesisNeural precursor cellsDendritic developmentCognitive functionNeural regeneration
原始语种摘要: Bumetanide has been shown to lessen cerebral edema and reduce the infarct area in the acute stage of cerebral ischemia. Few studies focus on the effects of bumetanide on neuroprotection and neurogenesis in the chronic stage of cerebral ischemia. We established a rat model of cerebral ischemia by injecting endothelin-1 in the left cortical motor area and left corpus striatum. Seven days later, bumetanide 200 µg/kg/day was injected into the lateral ventricle for 21 consecutive days with a mini-osmotic pump. Results demonstrated that the number of neuroblasts cells and the total length of dendrites increased, escape latency reduced, and the number of platform crossings increased in the rat hippocampal dentate gyrus in the chronic stage of cerebral ischemia. These findings suggest that...
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  • dentate 锯齿状的
  • gyrus 脑回
  • ischemia 局部贫血
  • regeneration 再生
  • bumetanide 布美他尼
  • cerebral 大脑的
  • dendritic 师状的
  • chronic 延续很长的
  • precursor 前驱物质
  • development 开发