Street-level diplomacy and local enforcement for meat safety in northern Tanzania: knowledge, pragmatism and trust
作者: T. A. HrynickV. BarasaJ. BenschopS. CleavelandJ. A. CrumpM. DavisB. MarikiB. T. MmbagaN. Mtui-MalamshaG. PrinsenJ. SharpE. SindiyoE. S. SwaiK. M. ThomasR. ZadoksL. Waldman
刊名: BMC Public Health, 2019, Vol.19 (1), pp.1-16
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.1186/s12889-019-7067-8
关键词: ButchersExtension officersFood safetyFrontline actorsMeat safetyPolicy implementation
原始语种摘要: Abstract Background With increasing demand for red meat in Tanzania comes heightened potential for zoonotic infections in animals and humans that disproportionately affect poor communities. A range of frontline government employees work to protect public health, providing services for people engaged in animal-based livelihoods (livestock owners and butchers), and enforcing meat safety and food premises standards. In contrast to literature which emphasises the inadequacy of extension support and food safety policy implementation in low- and middle-income countries, this paper foregrounds the ‘street-level diplomacy’ deployed by frontline actors operating in challenging contexts. Methods This research is based on semi-structured interviews with 61 government employees, including livestock...
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  • safety 安全
  • knowledge 知识
  • level 水准
  • trust 相信
  • enforcement 实施
  • diplomacy 外交
  • local 局部的
  • regulations 规则
  • ensure 担保
  • necessary 必要的