The Transition from RDBMS to NoSQL. A Comparative Analysis of Three Popular Non-Relational Solutions: Cassandra, MongoDB and Couchbase
作者: Cristina BAZARCosmin Sebastian IOSIF
作者单位: 1Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
刊名: Database Systems Journal, 2014, Vol.V (2), pp.49-59
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: NoSQLRelational vs NoSQLComparisonCassandraMongoDBCouchbase
原始语种摘要: NoSQL databases were built in the need to deal with the increasing amount of complex data (Big Data), required in real-time web applications, and are mostly addressing some of these points: the focus on availability over consistency, horizontally scalable, distributed architecture, and open-source. The purpose of this paper is to present the reasons for a transition from RDBMS to NoSQL databases, to describe the main characteristics of non-relational databases and to compare and analyze three popular NoSQL solutions - Cassandra, MongoDB and CouchBase, outlining the results obtained during performance comparison tests. Each solution is optimized for different workloads and different use cases. Therefore, each has its own strong points and weaknesses.
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  • Cassandra 卡珊德拉
  • RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System
  • relational 有关系的
  • distributed 分布的
  • transition 转移
  • addressing 定址
  • built 建造
  • consistency 一致性
  • scalable 修]可伸缩[缩放
  • architecture 构造