The Strategic Priorities for Strengthening the Financial Security of the PJSC «Ukrtelekom»
作者: Babets Iryna G. Ruda Olga I.Ruda Iryna I.
作者单位: 1Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technologies
2Lviv State University of Internal Affairs
刊名: Bìznes Inform, 2019, Vol.3 (494), pp.182-191
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.32983/2222-4459-2019-3-182-191
关键词: Financial securityThreatsTelecommunication servicesStrategic prioritiesPrognostic scenarios
原始语种摘要: The article assesses the level of financial security of enterprise in the telecommunication industry and analyzes its dynamics in 2013–2017. The key threats to the activity of the PJSC «Ukrtelekom» and their influence on the change of the integral index of financial security of the enterprise are defined. Prognostic scenarios of changes in sales profitability, net income and net profit of the enterprise are developed in accordance with the criteria of economic security. Strategic priorities, goals and objectives of strengthening the financial security of the enterprise are substantiated. The basic instruments of realization of strategic priorities are defined as follows: increase of profitability on the basis of preserving the subscriber base of stationary telephony and growth of a share...
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  • security 可靠性
  • profitability 盈利能力
  • enterprise 企业
  • financial 财政的
  • scenarios 剧情
  • income 收入
  • share 分配
  • economic 经济的
  • strategic 战略的
  • market 市场