Robust Likelihood-Based Survival Modeling with Microarray Data
作者: HyungJun ChoAmi YuSukwoo KimJaewoo KangSeung-Mo Hong
刊名: Journal of Statistical Software, 2008, Vol.29 (1)
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: Microarray dataSurvival dataLikelihoodRobustnessR
原始语种摘要: Gene expression data can be associated with various clinical outcomes. In particular, these data can be of importance in discovering survival-associated genes for medical applications. As alternatives to traditional statistical methods, sophisticated methods and software programs have been developed to overcome the high-dimensional difficulty of microarray data. Nevertheless, new algorithms and software programs are needed to include practical functions such as the discovery of multiple sets of survival-associated genes and the incorporation of risk factors, and to use in the R environment which many statisticians are familiar with. For survival modeling with microarray data, we have developed a software program (called rbsurv) which can be used conveniently and interactively in the R...
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  • software 软件
  • Data 数据
  • discovery 发现
  • package 外壳
  • modeling 制祝型
  • survival 生存
  • validation 证实
  • difficulty 困难
  • associated 相关的
  • practical 实用的