Innovative welding technology’s impact on the productivity of small and medium enterprises in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
作者: Albert Makore
刊名: International Journal of Development and Sustainability, 2013, Vol.2 (2), pp.747-765
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Standard Industrial Classification Code. (SIC)Oxygen and Acetylene gas weldingManual Metal Arc Welding (MMA)Metal Inert Gas Welding. (MIG)Tungsten Inert Gas Welding. (TIG)
原始语种摘要: This research paper focuses on the evaluation of innovative welding technology’s impact on the productivity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The paper examines business operational sector and size, technology currently in use, customer/supplier relationships, and technical knowledge levels, skills in use on the shop floor level, training, safety standards implementation and quality control aspects in the SMEs. The companies are evaluated on their use of Oxygen and Acetylene gas welding, Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMA), Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG) for maintenance and productive purposes. Both exploratory and descriptive research designs are applied in this study. A structured survey instrument was administered to seventy five (75) SMEs selected...
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  • productivity 生产能力
  • controllable 可控制的
  • enterprises 关系企业
  • technology 工艺
  • technological 工芝的
  • welding 熔结
  • research 
  • productive 生产的
  • supplier 供应商
  • judgement 评价