Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia simulation: use of meat glue in inexpensive and realistic nerve block models
作者: Leily NaraghiJudy LinKay OdashimaSimran ButtarLawrence HainesEitan Dickman
刊名: BMC Medical Education, 2019, Vol.19 (1), pp.1-10
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.1186/s12909-019-1591-1
关键词: Regional anesthesiaSimulationUltrasoundPoint-of-careMeat glueNerve block model
原始语种摘要: Abstract Background Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (UGRA) is increasingly used by emergency physicians to provide safe and effective pain relief for patients. However, one of the factors limiting its widespread use is the lack of realistic models available for learners to train on. There are currently no inexpensive nerve block models available that are injectable and that closely mimic nerves, fascial planes, muscles, and other landmarks. Our aim is to create inexpensive, injectable nerve block models that can be used as effective medical training tools for UGRA. Methods By using a lean cut of pork such as pork loin, yarn soaked in ultrasound gel to simulate peripheral nerves, and drinking straws filled with gel to represent vascular structures, we created various nerve block...
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  • anesthesia 感觉缺失
  • block 滑车
  • nerve 叶脉
  • fascial 筋膜的
  • realistic 逼真
  • inexpensive 便宜
  • guided 制导的
  • anesthetic 麻醉剂
  • ultrasound 超声
  • relief 地势