Alveolar osseous defect in rat for cell therapy: preliminary report Defeito ósseo alveolar em ratos para terapia celular: estudo preliminar
作者: Cassio Eduardo Raposo-AmaralGerson Shigeru KobayashiAna Beatriz AlmeidaDaniela F. BuenoFatima Rodrigues de Souza e FreitasLuiz Carlos VulcanoMaria Rita Passos-BuenoNivaldo Alonso
刊名: Acta Cirurgica Brasileira, 2010, Vol.25 (4), pp.313-317
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502010000400002
关键词: Perda Óssea AlveolarTerapia CelularRatosAlveolar Bone LossTissue TherapyRats
原始语种摘要: PURPOSE: To study were to reproduce an alveolar bone defect model in Wistar rats to be used for testing the efficacy of stem cell therapies. Additionally, we also aimed to determine the osteogenesis process of this osseous defect in the 1 month period post-surgery. METHODS: The animals were randomly divided into two groups of 7 animals each. A gingivobuccal incision was made, and a bone defect of 28 mm² of area was performed in the alveolar region. Animals were killed at 2 weeks after surgery (n=7) and 4 weeks after surgery (n=7). RESULTS: The average area of the alveolar defect at time point of 2 weeks was 22.27 ± 1.31 mm² and the average area of alveolar defect at time point of 4 weeks was 9.03 ± 1.17 mm². The average amount of bone formation at time point of 2 weeks was 5.73 ± 1.31 mm²...
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  • alveolar 蜂窝状
  • osseous 骨质的
  • foram 有孔虫
  • ossification 骨化
  • defect 缺陷
  • accelerate 促进
  • osteogenesis 骨生成
  • preliminary 初步
  • after 在之后
  • inductive 电感的