Contamination of public squares and parks with parasites in Erbil city, Iraq
作者: Khder Nooraldeen
作者单位: 1Department of Biology, College of Education, Salahaddin University – Erbil, Iraq
刊名: Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine, 2015, Vol.22 (879957), pp.418-420
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: IraqSoilEggsParasitesPublic Parks
原始语种摘要: Introduction and objective. The soil of public squares and parks may be contaminated with the infective stages of parasites because of the presence of stray animals in these parks. Many people take a rest in these places and they may be at risk of infection with parasites because the infective stages of parasites can survive for months, or even years, in spite of the factors of weather. Objective. To evaluate contamination with the eggs of parasites in the soil of parks in Erbil city, Iraq. Material and methods. Forty-eight soil samples were collected from 12 public parks and gardens from 11 different neighbourhoods (8 parks and 3 playgrounds) and one district in Erbil city. The zinc sulfate floatation method was used to recover the eggs of parasites from the samples. Results. Eggs of...
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  • 混合 创立
  • parasites 天电干扰
  • hookworm 钩虫
  • sulfate 硫酸盐
  • public 公众的
  • contaminated 被污染的
  • people 民族
  • found 创立
  • contamination 创立
  • recover 挽回
  • spite 恶意