Increased low-frequency oscillation amplitude of sensorimotor cortex associated with the severity of structural impairment in cervical myelopathy.
作者: Fuqing ZhouHonghan GongXiaojia LiuLin WuKeith Dip-Kei LukYong Hu
刊名: PLoS ONE, 2017, Vol.9 (8)
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0104442
原始语种摘要: Decreases in metabolites and increased motor-related, but decreased sensory-related activation of the sensorimotor cortex (SMC) have been observed in patients with cervical myelopathy (CM) using advanced MRI techniques. However, the nature of intrinsic neuronal activity in the SMC, and the relationship between cerebral function and structural damage of the spinal cord in patients with CM are not fully understood. The purpose of this study was to assess intrinsic neuronal activity by calculating the regional amplitude of low frequency fluctuations (ALFF) using resting-state functional MRI (rs-fMRI), and correlations with clinical and imaging indices. Nineteen patients and 19 age- and sex-matched healthy subjects underwent rs-fMRI scans. ALFF measurements were performed in the SMC, a key...
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  • myelopathy 脊髓病
  • sensorimotor 感觉运动的
  • cervical 颈的
  • impairment 减损
  • precentral 颈盾
  • structural 构造
  • fMRI 功能性磁共振成象
  • cortex 皮层
  • gyrus 脑回
  • spinal 脊柱的