Computational Ecology and Software (
刊名: Computational Ecology and Software, 2018, Vol.All (All), pp.All-All
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关键词: Remote SensingGISForestryLandscape EcologyBiodiversityLand Use/ land Cover dynamics and LULc modelingInformation Systems Development And ManagementProject ManagementEnterprise Information SystemsSoftware DevelopmentGeotechnical EngineeringOptimization MethodsNumerical ModelingSoil BehaviorEarthquake Geotechnical EngineeringSoil DynamicsFinite Element SimulationsSoil FoundationsExcavations and Genetic AlgorithmsAlgorithms Computer NetworksData StructuresDatabase Syst
原始语种摘要: Computational Ecology and Software ISSN 2220-721X URL: RSS: E-mail: Editor-in-Chief: WenJun Zhang Aims and Scope COMPUTATIONAL ECOLOGY AND SOFTWARE (ISSN 2220-721X) is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that considers scientific articles in all different areas of computational ecology. It is the transactions of the International Society of Computational Ecology. The journal is concerned with the ecological researches, constructions and applications of theories and methods of computational sciences including computational mathematics, computational statistics and computer science. It features the simulation, approximation, prediction,...
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