Impact of Unemployment on Crime in Europe
作者: Li-Hsuan Huang Yu-Tzu Huang
作者单位: 1National Central University, Taiwan, e-mail:
2Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, e-mail: lovefiona1820@
刊名: Romanian Economic Journal, 2015, Vol.XVIII (57), pp.3-36
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: Crime rateUnemployment rateProperty crimeCommon currency
原始语种摘要: This study discovers how unemployment rate explains the changes in the crime rate tendency in Europe by the two-stage-least square regression. The crime rate in the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) area is found evidently more sensitive to unemployment than the non-EMU countries. The adoption of a common currency also strengthens the connections of the criminal problem among the EMU countries. We found the seriousness of the endogenous bias involved using the OLS methodology, so previous findings on the small effect of unemployment on crime rate obtained by employing the OLS methodology could be unreliable. Empirically, a one-percentage-point increase in unemployment increases the property crime by nearly 9% on average. The large unemployment effect implies that the increase in the...
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  • unemployment 失业
  • methodology 方法学
  • currency 货币
  • Europe 欧洲
  • adoption 采纳
  • recession 后退
  • crisis 危机
  • successfully 成功地
  • economic 经济的
  • previous 先前的