Rheological Properties of DNA Molecules in Solution: Molecular Weight and Entanglement Influences
作者: Lourdes Mónica Bravo-AnayaFrédéric PignonFélix Armando Soltero MartínezMarguerite Rinaudo
作者单位: 1Laboratoire Rhéologie et Procédés (LRP), University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble F-38000, France
2Departamento de Ingeniería Química, Universidad de Guadalajara, Blvd. M. García Barragán, Guadalajara C.P. 44430, Mexico
3Biomaterials applications, 6 rue Lesdiguières, Grenoble F-38000, France
刊名: Polymers, 2016, Vol.8 (8)
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.3390/polym8080279
关键词: Low and high molecular weight DNAHydrodynamic behaviorOverlap parameter CDNA[η]
原始语种摘要: Molecular weight, stiffness, temperature, and polymer and ionic concentrations are known to widely influence the viscosity of polymer solutions. Additionally, polymer molecular weight—which is related to its dimensions in solution—is one of its most important characteristics. In this communication, low molecular weight DNA from salmon sperm was purified and then studied in solutions in a wide concentration range (between 0.5 and 1600 mg/mL). The intrinsic viscosity of this low molecular weight DNA sample was firstly determined and the evidence of the overlap concentration was detected around the concentration of 125 mg/mL. The chain characteristics of these short molecules were studied in terms of the influence of their molecular weight on the solution viscosities and on the overlap...
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  • solution 溶液
  • studied 学习
  • weight 
  • concentration 浓度
  • polymer 聚合物
  • range 射程
  • influence 影响
  • molecular 分子的
  • around 环绕
  • viscosity 粘度