A 36,000-Year-Old Volcanic Eruption Depicted in the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave (Ardèche, France)?
作者: Sébastien NomadeDominique GentyRomain SascoVincent ScaoValérie FéruglioDominique BaffierHervé GuillouCamille BourdierHélène ValladasEdouard ReignerEvelyne DebardJean-François PastreJean-Michel Geneste
刊名: PLoS ONE, 2017, Vol.11 (1)
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146621
原始语种摘要: Among the paintings and engravings found in the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc cave (Ardèche, France), several peculiar spray-shape signs have been previously described in the Megaloceros Gallery. Here we document the occurrence of strombolian volcanic activity located 35 km northwest of the cave, and visible from the hills above the cave entrance. The volcanic eruptions were dated, using 40Ar/39Ar, between 29 ± 10 ka and 35 ± 8 ka (2σ), which overlaps with the 14C AMS and thermoluminescence ages of the first Aurignacian occupations of the cave in the Megaloceros Gallery. Our work provides the first evidence of an intense volcanic activity between 40 and 30 ka in the Bas-Vivarais region, and it is very likely that Humans living in the Ardèche river area witnessed one or several eruptions. We propose...
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  • France 法国法郎
  • volcanic 火山的
  • several 各自
  • depiction 雕刻图案
  • propose 提议
  • spray 喷雾
  • region 地域
  • likely 大概
  • activity 活度
  • eruption 喷发