The Salittu Formation in southwestern Finland, part I: Structure, age and stratigraphy
作者: M. NironenI. MänttäriM. Väisänen
刊名: Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland, 2016, Vol.88 (2), pp.85-103
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.17741/bgsf/88.2.003
关键词: Metavolcanic rocksGabbrosVolcanismStructural geologyStratigraphyU−PbZirconPaleoproterozoicOrijärviSalittuFinland
原始语种摘要: Because of the relatively low metamorphic grade, low strain and well-preserved early structures in volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks, the Orijärvi triangle (in the center of the larger Orijärvi area) is one of the few locations in the Svecofennian orogen of southern Finland where lithostratigraphy has been determined. The geochemistry of the picritic- basaltic metavolcanic rocks of the Salittu Formation, located in the northeastern part of the Orijärvi area, has been characterized but otherwise the bedrock and structures have been barely touched. After remapping we give an interpretation of structural evolution, provide new age data to constrain duration of volcanism at Salittu, and refine the stratigraphy in the Orijärvi area. The original stratigraphy is visible at Salittu: metabasalt...
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  • volcanic 火山的
  • stratigraphy 地层学
  • accretion 附加体
  • magmatism 岩浆酌
  • Finland 芬兰
  • metamorphic 变质的
  • subduction 俯冲
  • interpretation 判读
  • larger 较大
  • sedimentary 沉积的