The Use of Thermal Analysis and Photoacoustic Spectroscopy in the Evaluation of Maltodextrin Microencapsulation of Anthocyanins from Juçara Palm Fruit (Euterpe edulis Mart.) and Their Application in Food
作者: Ana Paula da Silva dos PassosGrasiele Scaramal MadronaVanessa Aparecida MarcolinoMauro Luciano BaessoGraciette Matioli
刊名: Food Technology and Biotechnology, 2015, Vol.53 (4), pp.385-396
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: AnthocyaninsNatural colourantsLyophilisationMicroencapsulationJuçara palm
原始语种摘要: Anthocyanins extracted from the pulp of the fruit of juçara palm (Euterpe edulis Mart.) were microencapsulated with maltodextrin in order to stabilise them. Photoacoustic spectroscopy was used to investigate the photostability of the microencapsulated samples. Complementary differential scanning calorimetry and scanning electron microscopy measurements were also performed. Lyophilised extract had 14 340.2 mg/L of total anthocyanins, and the microencapsulation effi ciency of 93.6 %. Temperature analysis showed that maltodextrin conferred protection up to 70 °C for 120 min. Scanning electron microscopy showed that the microencapsulated particles had a flake-like morphology with a smooth surface, characteristic of lyophilisation processes. In addition, when added to yogurt, a red colourant...
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  • photostability 耐光性
  • microscopy 显微镜检查
  • colourant 着色剂
  • maltodextrin 麦芽糖糊精
  • morphology 形态学
  • Application 应用
  • encapsulating 封装
  • photoacoustic 光声的
  • flake 
  • yogurt 酸牛奶