Amicrobial Pustulosis of the Folds Associated with Sjögren's Syndrome
作者: Şebnem AktanSevgi AkarsuMelike KibarBanu Lebe
刊名: Turkderm, 2012, Vol.46 (3), pp.163-166
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: Amicrobial pustulosis of the foldsSjögren’s syndrome
原始语种摘要: Amicrobial pustulosis of the folds (APF) is a chronic, relapsing sterile pustular eruption involving the main cutaneous flexures, scalp, and periorificial regions occurring mostly in young females. It is characterized histopathologically by intraepidermal spongiform pustules with a neutrophilic infiltrate in the dermis. APF is a rare condition that has been reported in association with various immunological abnormalities or autoimmune diseases. We describe here a 37-year-old woman with APF associated with Sjögren’s syndrome.
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  • pustulosis 脓疱病
  • intraepidermal 表皮内的
  • syndrome 症候群
  • infiltrate 渗透
  • pustular 多泡状突起的
  • dermis 真皮
  • immunological 免疫学的
  • APF Advanced Printer Function
  • mostly 大部分
  • sterile 无生殖力的