Consensus on melanonychia nail plate dermoscopy Consenso sobre dermatoscopia da placa ungueal em melanoniquias
作者: Nilton Di ChiacchioDébora Cadore de FariasBianca Maria PiracciniSergio Henrique HirataBertrand RichertMartin ZaiacRalph DanielPier Alessandro FantiJosette AndreBeth S RubenPhilip FleckmanPhoebe RichEckart HanekePatricia ChangJudith Dominguez CheritRichard ScherAntonella Tosti
刊名: Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia, 2013, Vol.88 (2), pp.309-313
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关键词: DermoscopiaDoenças da unhaMelanomaUnhasDermoscopyMelanomaNailsNail diseases
原始语种摘要: This statement, focused on melanonychia and nail plate dermoscopy, is intended to guide medical professionals working with melanonychia and to assist choosing appropriate management for melanonychia patients. The International Study Group on Melanonychia was founded in 2007 and currently has 30 members, including nail experts and dermatopathologists with special expertise in nails. The need for common definitions of nail plate dermoscopy was addressed during the Second Meeting of this Group held in February 2008. Prior to this meeting and to date (2010) there have been no evidence-based guidelines on the use of dermoscopy in the management of nail pigmentation.Este consenso, com foco em melanoníquia e dermatoscopia da lâmina ungueal, se destina a orientar os médicos que trabalham com...
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  • melanonychia 黑甲
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  • expertise 专家评价
  • management 管理
  • February 二月
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  • pigmentation 着色
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