The Analysis and Modeling of the Synthetical Meshing Stiffness of Inner Gearing considering the Flexible Inner Ring Gear
作者: Shengyang HuZongde Fang
刊名: Shock and Vibration, 2019, Vol.2019
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.1155/2019/2324546
原始语种摘要: As a key part of vibration generation and transmission of planetary gear transmissions, thin-walled inner ring gear deforms under the influence of meshing excitation and seriously affects the reliability and fatigue life of the transmission system. The effect of the flexibility of the inner ring gear on the transmission system is ignored in the calculation of making the inner ring gear as a rigid body in the lumped parameter model, while the calculation amount of the finite element model is too large. Therefore, it is very important to establish an accurate and reasonable model to solve the flexibility of the inner ring gear. In this paper, according to the supporting mode, supporting quantity, thickness, and sectional shape of the inner ring gear, the inner ring gear is reasonably...
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  • flexibility 柔顺性
  • Analysis 分析
  • inner 内的
  • making 制定
  • dynamic 动力学的
  • system 
  • according 按照
  • quantity 
  • planetary 行星式的
  • rapidly 迅速地