Effects of uterine cervix constriction on Wistar rats Efeitos da constrição do cérvix uterino em ratos Wistar
作者: Cassio Eduardo Raposo-AmaralAna Beatriz AlmeidaCesar Augusto Raposo-AmaralLuiz Carlos VulcanoMaria Rita Passos-BuenoNivaldo Alonso
刊名: Acta Cirurgica Brasileira, 2010, Vol.25 (6), pp.469-474
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502010000600002
关键词: CraniossinostoseCerclagem CervicalCirurgia PlásticaRatosCraniosynostosesCerclageCervicalSurgeryPlasticRats
原始语种摘要: PURPOSE: To verify if uterine cerclage can induce craniosynostosis or any cranial deformity in new born Wistar rats. METHODS: One pregnant female Wistar rat underwent laparotomy on day 18 of gestation and the uterus cervix was closed with a 3-0 nylon suture to avoid delivery, that occurs normally on the 21 day. The suture was released after 48 hours beyond the normal gestation period. The female rat delivered 11 pups. Six surviving rats from the delivery (group A - constrained group). Two rats were born from another mother and in the same age were used as control group (group B - 2 nonconstrained controls) were allowed to grow. They were sacrificed 1.2 years after their birth all the eight animals. Linear measurement, routine histology and computed tomography of the skull were performed...
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  • cervix 
  • uterine 子宫的
  • normal 法线
  • foram 有孔虫
  • female 女性的
  • suture 缝合
  • uterus 子宫
  • gestation 妊娠
  • cranial 前面的
  • fetus 胎儿