Application of Butylamine as a Conjugative Reagent to On-Column Derivatization for the Determination of Antioxidant Amino Acids in Brain Tissue, Plasma, and Urine Samples
作者: Kamila BorowczykPatrycja OlejarzAdrianna KamińskaRafał GłowackiGrażyna Chwatko
刊名: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2019, Vol.20 (13)
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
DOI: 10.3390/ijms20133340
关键词: AntioxidantsOn-column derivatizationHigh performance liquid chromatographyBiological samples
原始语种摘要: (1) Antioxidants are involved in body protection mechanisms against reactive oxygen species. Amino acids such as glutathione (GSH) and N -acetylcysteine (NAC) are known to be involved in providing protection against oxidative lethality. A quick and simple method for the determination of NAC and GSH in various biological matrices such as urine, plasma, and homogenates of brain tissues has been developed and described in this work. (2) The assay is based on reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with spectrofluorimetric detection and on-column derivatization. Butylamine and o -phthaldialdehyde have been used as derivatization reagents. Since o -phthaldialdehyde constitutes a part of the mobile phase, the derivatization reaction and chromatographic separation occur...
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  • derivatization 衍生作用
  • liquid 液体
  • chromatography 色层分离法
  • performance 性能
  • reaction 反酌
  • reversed 倒转的
  • phase 相位
  • GSH 谷胱甘肽
  • column 
  • urine 尿