A rare variant route of the ulnar artery does not contraindicate the creation of a fistula in the wrist of a diabetic patient with end-stage renal disease
作者: Mirosław BanasikKatarzyna MadziarskaWacław WeydeMariusz KusztalTomasz GołębiowskiSławomir ZmonarskiMagdalena KrajewskaDariusz JanczakMarian Klinger
刊名: Postępy Higieny i Medycyny Doświadczalnej, 2011, Vol.65 (846636), pp.654-657
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: HemodialysisVascular accessUlnar ArteryHemodializaDostęp naczyniowyTętnica łokciowa
原始语种摘要: A superficial variant route of the ulnar artery is a rare variation of the arterial system of the wrist. The route of the arteries in that region is extremely important for patients with end-stage renal disease due to the necessity to create an arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis. It is thought that the vascular access is too often achieved by catheters or vascular prostheses because of that each possibility to create a fistula in the wrist region should be utilized. In our patient a rare variant route of the ulnar artery was observed in the wrist region. Instead of a deep route between the muscles the artery did not only run superficially, but, also untypically, first laterally and then medially. A variation of the ulnar artery’s route may evoke a fear of hand ischemia after creation...
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  • wrist 
  • ulnar 尺骨的
  • contraindicate 禁忌
  • renal 肾的
  • route 航线
  • fistula 喙管
  • creation 创造
  • hemodialysis 血液透析
  • superficially 表面地
  • arteriovenous 动静脉的