Enhancement of Optical Adaptive Sensing by Using a Dual-Stage Seesaw-Swivel Actuator with a Tunable Vibration Absorber
作者: Po-Chien ChouYu-Cheng LinStone Cheng
刊名: Sensors, 2011, Vol.11 (5), pp.4808
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: small-form-factorVCMPZTswing armabsorber
原始语种摘要: Technological obstacles to the use of rotary-type swing arm actuators to actuate optical pickup modules in small-form-factor (SFF) disk drives stem from a hinge’s skewed actuation, subsequently inducing off-axis aberrations and deteriorating optical quality. This work describes a dual-stage seesaw-swivel actuator for optical pickup actuation. A triple-layered bimorph bender made of piezoelectric materials (PZTs) is connected to the suspension of the pickup head, while the tunable vibration absorber (TVA) unit is mounted on the seesaw swing arm to offer a balanced force to reduce vibrations in a focusing direction. Both PZT and TVA are designed to satisfy stable focusing operation operational requirements and compensate for the tilt angle or deformation of a disc. Finally, simulation...
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  • operational 运算的
  • actuator 传动机构
  • actuate 发动
  • pickup 拾音器
  • swivel 万向吊环
  • skewed 歪扭的
  • design 设计
  • proposed 建议的
  • balanced 平[均]衡
  • seesaw 起伏