Influence of ham weight, trimming and pressing on Istrian dry-cured ham seasoning loss
作者: Danijel KarolyiKresˇimir SalajpalMarija DikicIvan JuricAntun Kostelic
刊名: Italian Journal of Animal Science, 2010, Vol.4 (3s), pp.85
来源数据库: Directory of Open Access Journals
关键词: Istrian dry-cured hamTrimmingPressingSeasoning weight loss
原始语种摘要: Influence of raw ham weight, trimming form and pressing on seasoning weight loss of Istrian dry-cured hams were studied. Swine thighs were shaped traditionally with skin and subcutaneous fat removed. The pelvis bones were left in the ham (B hams) or experimentally deboned (boneless or BL hams). After trimming the raw hams were weighted and classified into the weight classes. The hams were pressed after dry salting with different loads. High seasoning weight loss (46.31 %) of Istrian hams was expected due to raw ham skinning. However, deboning had no influence on differences in seasoning weight loss. Significantly higher weight loss of light class hams suggest to use raw hams heavier than 10 kg and 9 kg after B and BL dressing, respectively. There was no significant press load effect on...
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  • seasoning 老化
  • weight 
  • trimming 微调蝶
  • pressing 紧急的
  • cured 熟化的
  • deboning 去骨
  • skinning 
  • boneless 无骨的
  • classified 保密的
  • dressing 造矿