An unusual bilateral variation of the splenius capitis muscle: A case report
作者: Orhan Beger Turan Koc Ugur Dinc Kristina Altuncu Deniz Uzmansel Zeliha Kurtoglu
刊名: International Journal of Anatomical Variations, 2018, Vol.11 (2)
来源数据库: Pulsus Group
关键词: FetusNeck muscleSplenius capitis
原始语种摘要: A bilateral variation of splenius capitis muscle was identified in a formalinfixed 25-week-old male human fetus during routine dissections at Mersin University, Medicine Faculty, and Department Anatomy laboratory. The variation was an extra stripe muscle tissue mostly on the splenius capitis and had the same appearance and the course on the both sides. The variative muscles originated at the occipital bone and inserted into the fascia of serratus posterior superior muscle. On the downward course, they superficially passed splenius capitis and splenius cervicis then continued deep to the rhomboid minor muscle. Awareness of such variations would help clinicians identify the etiopathology of myofascial trigger points and tumor-mimicking lesions related to splenius capitis more precisely.
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  • 胎儿 长菱形
  • splenius 夹肌
  • capitis 头摇
  • muscle 肌肉
  • bilateral 双边的
  • variation 变异
  • etiopathology 发病机理
  • superficially 表面地
  • unusual 稀有
  • rhomboid 长菱形
  • fetus 长菱形