Examining health literacy and healthy lifestyle characteristics as associated with glycemic control among community-dwelling Japanese people
作者: Hirohide Yokokawa Hiroshi Fukuda Kazutoshi Fujibayashi Motoyuki Yuasa Aki Okamoto Yoshinobu Taneda Makio Tani Kazuhiro Sugimoto Teruhiko Hisaoka Toshio Naito
刊名: DIABETES MANAGEMENT, 2019, Vol.9 (1)
来源数据库: Pulsus Group
关键词: EpidemiologyHealth promotionHealth literacyDiabetes mellitusLifestyleBehaviorHealth car
原始语种摘要: Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is strongly associated with long-term micro- and macrovascular complications, necessitating improved glycemic control in order to reduce these complications as well as morbidity and mortality rates. Health literacy (HL) has gained considerable attention and is recognized as an important factor associated with medication adherence and health care behaviors. Few studies have assessed how health literacy (HL) and healthy lifestyle characteristics are associated with glycemic control among Japanese patients with DM. Methods: The present cross-sectional study population comprised 670 Japanese patients (446 men and 224 women) with DM who visited the Fuchu Clinic and Okamoto Medical Clinic in Tokyo, and the Taneda Medical Clinic, Tani Clinic, and Ohta...
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  • control 控制
  • healthy 健康的
  • Japanese 日本人日语日本的
  • literacy 识字
  • people 民族
  • total 总和
  • associated 相关的
  • inverse 逆的
  • information 报告
  • December 十二月