Effect of compensatory acceleration training in combination with accommodating resistance on upper body strength in collegiate athletes
作者: Margaret Jones
作者单位: 1George Mason University
刊名: Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, 2014, Vol.2014 (default), pp.183-189
来源数据库: Dove Journal
DOI: 10.2147/OAJSM.S65877
原始语种摘要: Purpose: To determine the impact of inclusion of a Band or Chain Compensatory Acceleration Training 5-week training phase on maximal upper body strength during an off-season strength and conditioning program for collegiate male athletes.Patients and methods: Twenty-four NCAA collegiate baseball players who were familiar with the current strength and conditioning program and had a minimum of 1 year of formal collegiate strength and conditioning experience volunteered to participate in this study. None of the men had participated in compensatory acceleration training (CAT) before this study. Subjects were matched following a maximal effort (1-RM) bench press test then were randomly assigned into a band-based CAT group or a chain-based CAT group, and participated in a 5-week training phase...
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  • collegiate 学院的
  • training 培养
  • strength 强度
  • upper 上面的
  • acceleration 促进酌
  • baseball 棒球
  • conjunction 连测
  • bench 海蚀平台
  • maximal 最大的
  • familiar 亲密的