The Local Epistemology of Climate Change: How the Scientific Discourse on Global Climate Change is Received on the Island of Palawan, the Philippines
作者: Thomas Friedrich
刊名: Sociologus, 2018, Vol.68 (1), pp.63-84
来源数据库: 外文期刊
DOI: 10.3790/soc.68.1.63
关键词: Climate changeKnowledge and discourseEpistemologyCognitive anthropology
原始语种摘要: The Philippines is a country that is very prone to tropical cyclones that cause much economic damage and numerous causalities each year. However, not all parts of the archipelago are equally affected. The main part of the island of Palawan in the country’s south west is rather unlikely to be hit by a strong storm, which is why its inhabitants don’t fear very harmful typhoons. At the same time, however, they consider climate change and its adverse effects as a serious threat, and very destructive cyclones like super typhoon Yolanda in 2013 are well understood as intensified by climate change. In this article I will resolve this apparent contradiction. By means of cognitive anthropological methods, I will demonstrate how the scientific discourse on global climate change and thus scientific...

  • climate 气候
  • change 变化
  • extreme 极端的
  • typhoon 台风
  • knowledge 知识
  • tropical 热带的
  • intensified 修]增长[亮,强
  • island 
  • empirical 经验的
  • scientific 科学