Victims or Masters of Adaptation? How the Idea of Adaptation to Climate Change Travels Up and Down to a Village in Simanjiro, Maasailand Northern Tanzania
作者: Sara de Wit
作者单位: 1Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS), University of Oxford. 64 Banbury Road, OX2 6PN, Oxford.
刊名: Sociologus, 2018, Vol.68 (1), pp.21-41
来源数据库: Duncker & Humblot
DOI: 10.3790/soc.68.1.21
关键词: Adaptation paradigmTravelling ideaCompeting knowledge ordersMaasai2Northern Tanzania
原始语种摘要: Moving beyond objectivist stances that for a long time have dominated the climate change research agenda, this paper explores an alternative ontology of adaptation. By tracing a travelling idea about ‘Adaptation to Climate Change’ (ACC) along multiple encounters and negotiation arenas, this paper wishes to explore the epistemological and political challenges that are entailed by this narrative in the making. It focuses on the power dynamics and (ontological) politics that are revealed by the translation that characterize the emergence of this nascent discourse in Tanzania. It is argued that this travelling idea – which is continuously co-produced and reshaped by varying actors in its journey to the ‘local’ level – brings longstanding tensions to the fore that exist between Maasai...
全文获取路径: Duncker & Humblot 

  • translation 直移
  • Adaptation 调配
  • contend 竞争
  • orders 定货量
  • government 政府
  • journey 旅行
  • entailed 限定继承
  • shining 光辉的
  • paradigm 范例
  • discursive 推论的