Polarization-dependent angular distribution of the absorption behavior in ytterbium-doped monoclinic LYB and LGB laser crystals
作者: Wendwesen GebremichaelYannick PetitSophie RouzetAlexandre FarguesVeronique JuberaAlain GarciaPhilippe VeberMatias VelazquezLionel CanioniInka Manek-Hönninger
作者单位: 1CELIA University of Bordeaux-CNRS-CEA UMR5107
2Amplitude Systèmes
3Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux-CNRS UPR9084,
刊名: Optical Engineering, 2018, Vol.57 (2), pp.021203-021203
来源数据库: SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering
DOI: 10.1117/1.OE.57.2.021203
关键词: Monoclinic crystalsAngular distributions of spectroscopic propertiesLasersYtterbium-doped crystals
原始语种摘要: We detail the full characterization of the anisotropy of the absorption properties of two different Yb-doped monoclinic borate compounds under polarized light. The studied crystals are Li 6 ( Gd ) 0.75 Yb 0.25 ( BO 3 ) 3 and Li 6 Y 0.75 Yb 0.25 ( BO 3 ) 3 , respectively, and were grown by the Czochralski method. We focused on the study of their absorption at the zero line transition as a function of the polarization direction of the incident light for two different crystal cuts of each compound. We discuss the different eigenframes that must be considered in these materials, due to their monoclinic character, as well as the optimum crystal orientation for the considered absorption and show the potential influences when used as laser materials.
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  • absorption 吸收
  • doped 掺杂(了)的掺了添加剂的
  • ytterbium 
  • laser 激光
  • monoclinic 单钭的
  • distribution 分布
  • properties 道具
  • light 
  • grown 生长
  • different 不相同的