Reconfigurable and switchable microwave photonic filter based on stimulated Brillouin scattering
作者: Qi ZhangLingke JiangLinbing PanYubing WangXian SunZongda ZhangWei DongXindong Zhang
作者单位: 1Jilin University
刊名: Optical Engineering, 2018, Vol.57 (5), pp.055102-055102
来源数据库: SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering
DOI: 10.1117/1.OE.57.5.055102
关键词: Microwave photonic filterStimulated Brillouin scatteringPassband switchableBandwidth reconfiguration
原始语种摘要: A bandwidth reconfigurable and passband switchable filter is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Based on the same structure, the filter can realize a single broadened response, two passbands with tunable bandwidth or multiband filter. A single broadened response adopts binary phase-shift keying modulation, in which the bandwidth is related to the modulation data pattern. By using the programmable single-sideband suppression carrier signals, the position of the optical lines can be settled down properly and the corresponding arbitrary passbands are constructed. The proposed filter is flexible, which offers possibilities to process multitype microwave signals simultaneously.
全文获取路径: SPIE  (合作)

  • switchable 可变换的
  • filter 过滤机
  • Brillouin 布里渊
  • microwave 微波
  • stimulated 受激
  • tunable 可(协)调
  • passband 通带
  • bandwidth 带宽
  • scattering 散射
  • sideband 边带