Effect of intraocular scattering in macular pigment optical density measurements
作者: Dimitrios ChristarasAlexandros PennosHarilaos GinisPablo Artal
作者单位: 1Universidad de Murcia
2University College London
3Athens Eye Hospital
刊名: Journal of Biomedical Optics, 2018, Vol.23 (5), pp.056001-056001
来源数据库: SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering
DOI: 10.1117/1.JBO.23.5.056001
关键词: Intraocular scatteringStraylightMacular pigmentFundus imaging
原始语种摘要: Fundus reflectometry is a common in-vivo , noninvasive method to estimate the macular pigment optical density (MPOD). The measured density, however, can be affected by the individual’s intraocular scattering. Scattering causes a reduction in the contrast of the fundus image, which in turn leads to an underestimation of the measured density. Intraocular scattering was measured optically in a group of seven young, healthy subjects using the method of optical integration and was subsequently used to correctly estimate the MPOD from fundus images. It was shown that when scattering is not considered, the measured optical density using fundus reflectometry can be underestimated by as high as 16% for our group of subjects.
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  • pigment 色素
  • intraocular 眼内的
  • density 密度
  • macular 具斑点的
  • fundus 
  • scattering 散射
  • optical 光学的
  • reflectometry 反射测定法
  • estimate 估计
  • image