Ultraviolet to visible continuum generation in a silica photonic crystal fiber
作者: Lixiao LiJinhui YuanXinzhu SangBinbin YanKuiru WangChongxiu Yu
作者单位: 1Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
刊名: Optical Engineering, 2018, Vol.57 (2), pp.026113-026113
来源数据库: SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering
DOI: 10.1117/1.OE.57.2.026113
关键词: Photonic crystal fiberUltraviolet to visible continuumNonlinear effects
原始语种摘要: The ultraviolet to visible continuum generations are experimentally demonstrated by coupling femtosecond pump pulses around 800 nm into the normal dispersion region close to the zero-dispersion wavelength in the fundamental mode of a silica photonic crystal fiber (PCF). The ultraviolet to visible continuum is generated through a combination of nonlinear effects including degenerate four-wave mixing, cross-phase modulation, and stimulated Raman scattering. When pump pulses with the wavelength of 800 nm and the input average power of 500 mW are used, more than 40% of the incident pump power is converted to the ultraviolet to visible spectral region. The evolution of the output spectra for different PCF lengths is studied to understand the nonlinear propagation dynamics during the process of...
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  • visible 看得见的
  • continuum 群体连续体
  • crystal 晶体
  • silica 硅土
  • generation 世代
  • ultraviolet 紫外线的
  • degenerate 退化
  • nonlinear 非线性的
  • fiber 纤维
  • scattering 散射