Feasibility study of free-space optical communication for South Africa
作者: Julius MohaleMichelle R. HanduraThomas O. OlwalClement N. Nyirenda
作者单位: 1Tshwane University of Technology
2Telkom South Africa
3University of Namibia
刊名: Optical Engineering, 2016, Vol.55 (5), pp.056108-056108
来源数据库: SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering
DOI: 10.1117/1.OE.55.5.056108
关键词: free-space opticslink marginscatteringturbulencescintillationvisibilitycommunication
原始语种摘要: This paper aims to determine the feasibility of deploying free-space optical communication (FSOC) technology in South Africa. In order to achieve this aim, visibility, wind speed, and altitude data for several potential deployment locations over a period of 4 years have been used to compute the FSOC-based atmospheric losses under average and worst case atmospheric conditions. Results have shown that Ermelo has the highest optimal FSOC link distance of 7.5 km at an overall atmospheric loss of 2.8 dB under average conditions, while Durban has the shortest FSOC link distance at 2.6 km at an overall atmospheric loss of 12 dB under worst case conditions. It has also been found that the refractive index structure parameter is mainly altitude dependent. The parameter is larger at lower altitudes...
全文获取路径: SPIE  (合作)

  • atmospheric 大气的
  • average 平均
  • worst 最坏的
  • Africa 非洲
  • communication 通信
  • conditions 条件式
  • parameter 参数
  • overall 金部的
  • deployment 安排
  • visibility 可见度