Integrated optical coherence tomography and multielement ultrasound transducer probe for shear wave elasticity imaging of moving tissues
作者: Andrei B. KarpioukDonald J. VanderLaanKirill V. LarinStanislav Y. Emelianov
作者单位: 1Georgia Institute of Technology
2University of Houston
3Tomsk State University
4Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University
刊名: Journal of Biomedical Optics, 2018, Vol.23 (10), pp.105006-105006
来源数据库: SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering
DOI: 10.1117/1.JBO.23.10.105006
关键词: Optical coherence tomography and elastographyMultielement ultrasound transducer probeAcoustic radiation forceShear wave elasticity imagingCardiac muscle
原始语种摘要: Accurate measurements of microelastic properties of soft tissues in-vivo using optical coherence elastography can be affected by motion artifacts caused by cardiac and respiratory cycles. This problem can be overcome using a multielement ultrasound transducer probe where each ultrasound transducer is capable of generating acoustic radiation force (ARF) and, therefore, creating shear waves in tissue. These shear waves, produced during the phase of cardiac and respiratory cycles when tissues are effectively stationary, are detected at the same observation point using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography (psOCT). Given the known distance between the ultrasound transducers, the speed of shear wave propagation can be calculated by measuring the difference between arrival times of shear...
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  • probe 探针
  • transducer 转换器
  • coherence 相干性
  • tomography 断层x 线摄影
  • multielement 多元素
  • imaging 图像形成
  • optical 光学的
  • moving 移动
  • ultrasound 超声
  • shear 切变