The ruble exchange rate and the price of oil: assessment of the degree of dependence, its causes and ways of overcoming
作者: Aleksei A. UstiuzhaninIrina A. LimanElena P. KiselitsaNatalia N. ShilovaTatiana I. Leyman
作者单位: 1Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russian Federation
2Tyumen Industrial University, Tyumen, Russian Federation
3Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russian Federation
刊名: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, 2019, pp.121-132
来源数据库: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center
DOI: doi:10.9770/jesi.2019.7.1(10)
关键词: Oil priceRuble rateOil production volumeUS dollar rate
原始语种摘要: This article is an attempt to estimate the impact of the volatility of oil prices on the income of Russian economic entities associated with the oil realization, as well as the importance of the price of oil in stabilizing the exchange rate of the national currency. The authors have analyzed dependencies between the variance of the price of oil, ruble exchange rate against the US dollar and Russian oil export volume and observed the correlation between these indicators. It has been concluded that the problems of the Russian economy are expressed in the loss of dollar revenues from oil sales by 2.37 times in the last five years, which significantly affected the trade balance and served as the basis for the devaluation of the ruble. According to the results of the research, the...
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  • price 价格
  • dollar 
  • stabilizing 稳定化
  • volatility 挥发性
  • exchange 交换
  • devaluation 货币贬值
  • income 收入
  • estimate 估计
  • economy 经济
  • variance 离散