Antibacterial evaluation of cotton fabrics by using novel sulfonamide reactive dyes
作者: Hatem E. GafferMohamed R. ElgoharyHassan Ali EtmanSaad Shaaban
刊名: Pigment & Resin Technology, 2017, Vol.46 (3), pp.210-217
来源数据库: Emerald Journal
DOI: 10.1108/PRT-08-2015-0080
关键词: Antimicrobialj-AcidReactive dyesSulphonamide
原始语种摘要: The purpose of this paper was to synthesize novel antibacterial reactive dyes for dyeing cotton fabrics.;;Four synthetic novel antibacterial reactive dyes based on sulfonamide (D1-D4) have been synthesized by the coupling reaction of sulfonamide diazonium salt with sulfonamido-cyanurated 7-amino-4-hydroxynaphthalene-2-sulfonic acid “j-acid”. The chemical structure of the synthesized dyes was secured by their spectral data [infra red (IR) and proton Nuclear magnetic Resonance (1HNMR)].;;The prepared reactive dyes (D1-D4) were applied to cotton fabrics. Optimum conditions of the dying samples at sodium sulfate 100 g/l, liquor ratio (L.R.) 1:10, sodium carbonate 20 g/l at 80°C (D1, D2 and D4), 60°C (D3 for 60 min) were investigated. The fastness properties toward washing, perspiration,...
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  • sulfonamide 磺酰胺
  • fabrics 纤维
  • novel 长篇小说
  • cotton 
  • perspiration 渗出
  • antibacterial 抗细菌的
  • against 反对
  • sulfate 硫酸盐
  • reactive 电抗的
  • reaction 反酌