Crafting strategy for international marketing: outside-in or inside-out?
作者: Yoel AsserafAviv Shoham
作者单位: 1Ruppin Academic Center, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Emek Hefer, Israel
2University of Haifa , Haifa, Israel
刊名: International Marketing Review, 2019, Vol.36 (6), pp.859-886
来源数据库: Emerald Journal
DOI: 10.1108/IMR-01-2018-0016
关键词: PerformanceAdaptationStrategyMarketing capabilitiesOutside-inInside-out
原始语种摘要: Drawing on the resource-based view, dynamic capabilities and exploration literatures, the purpose of this paper is to simultaneously investigate the impact of outside-in (OI) and inside-out (IO) strategic approaches on international strategic performance.;;A survey-based quantitative study was used. The final sample consisted of 202 internationally active SBUs of Israeli firms. Data were analyzed using structural equation modelling.;;OI approach to strategy enhances international performance more than IO does. OI is antecedent of exploratory marketing capabilities (MCs), while IO is antecedent of exploratory technological capabilities (TCs). The direct positive effect of exploratory MCs on performance is twice as strong as exploratory TCs are. Additionally, exploratory MCs positively...
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  • international 国际的
  • exploratory 勘探的
  • marketing 市场学
  • strategy 战略
  • venture 冒险
  • flexibility 柔顺性
  • approach 
  • outside 外边
  • typology 类型学
  • inside 内部