The ecology of methane in streams and rivers: patterns, controls, and global significance
作者: Emily H. StanleyNora J. CassonSamuel T. ChristelJohn T. CrawfordLuke C. LokenSamantha K. Oliver
作者单位: 11 University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology
23 University of Winnipeg Department of Geography
34 University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology
45 U.S. Geological Survey
56 University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology
67 University of Wisconsin- Madison
刊名: Ecological Monographs, 2015
来源数据库: Ecological Society of America
DOI: 10.1890/15-1027.1
原始语种摘要: Streams and rivers can substantially modify organic carbon (OC) inputs from terrestrial landscapes, and much of this processing is the result of microbial respiration. While carbon dioxide (CO2) is the major end-product of ecosystem respiration, methane (CH4) is also present in many fluvial environments even though methanogenesis typically requires anoxic conditions that may be scarce in these systems. Given recent recognition of the pervasiveness of this greenhouse gas in streams and rivers, we synthesized existing research and data to identify patterns and drivers of CH4, knowledge gaps, and research opportunities. This included: examining the history of lotic CH4 research; creating a database of concentrations and fluxes (MethDB) to generate a global-scale estimate of fluvial CH4...
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  • 球状的 缺氧症的
  • methanogenesis 甲烷生成
  • controls 控制机构
  • rivers 水流
  • patterns 式样
  • anaerobic 嫌气的
  • methane 甲烷
  • fluvial 生在河中的
  • anoxic 缺氧症的
  • global 缺氧症的
  • wetland 湿地