Mimicri and Hybridity in the Burung-Burung Manyar Novel By Y.B. Mangunwijaya
作者: HartonoIndonesian Language Education and Literature Study Program FBS UNY Indonesia.
刊名: Researchers World – Journal of Arts Science & Commerce, 2019, Vol.10 (4)
来源数据库: ERM Publications
关键词: MimicryHibridityBurung-burung manyarNovel by Y.B. Mangunwijaya
原始语种摘要: This research aims to describe the forms and nature of mimicry and hybridization that exist in the Burung-Burung Manyar novel by Y.B. Mangunwijaya. The subject of this research is the Burung-Burung Manyar novel by YB. Mangunwijaya which was published in 1981 by Djambat Jakarta's publisher. Data collection is done by reading and note taking techniques. The reading is done repeatedly to find the main content or ideas contained in the story that contain images of mimicry and hybridity. Data were analyzed with qualitative descriptive analysis. Mimicry and hybridity in the Burung-Burung Manyar novel appears in the character of Setadewa. Mimicry conducted by Setadewa are mainly in the elements of language, clothing, lifestyle, work, and culture. Setadewa’s hybridity includes genetic hybridity....
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  • Dutch 荷兰的
  • proclamation 榜文
  • palace 宫殿
  • reading 读出
  • clothing 衣服
  • hybridity 杂种性
  • tried 试验
  • himself 自己
  • nation 民族
  • father 父亲