Comment on the ‘Uppsala critique’
作者: Christophe E. McGlade
作者单位: 1UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London, WC1H 0NN, United Kingdom
刊名: Energy Policy, 2014, Vol.67 , pp.154-158
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2013.11.036
关键词: Future oil supplyPeak oilUppsala critique
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)This paper discusses the criticisms of the IEA World Energy Outlook raised by Aleklett et al. (2010), often referred to as the ‘Uppsala critique’. The major argument of Aleklett et al. is that the rates of depletion, the ratio of annual production to remaining resources or reserves, assumed by the IEA in certain categories of fields are unreasonable. In this paper, we call into question the reductions in future global oil production that Aleklett et al. argue are necessary: they have incorrectly applied a depletion rate for all fields within a region to different subsets of fields within a region. The more minor reductions to future global oil production that Aleklett et al. argue are needed because of the IEA modelling of the production of bitumen and natural gas liquids are...
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  • 往往 资源
  • critique 讲评
  • unreasonable 不合理的
  • production 生产
  • resources 资源
  • often 资源
  • argument 自变量
  • global 球状的
  • question 问题
  • argue 证明
  • necessary 必要的