Chemical weathering rate, denudation rate, and atmospheric and soil CO 2 consumption of Paraná flood basalts in São Paulo State, Brazil
作者: Fabiano Tomazini da ConceiçãoCarolina Mathias dos SantosDiego de Souza SardinhaGuillermo Rafael Beltran NavarroLetícia Hirata Godoy
作者单位: 1UNESP – Universidade Estadual Paulista, Instituto de Geociências e Ciências Exatas, Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil
2UNIFAL – Universidade Federal de Alfenas, Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia, Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil
刊名: Geomorphology, 2015, Vol.233 , pp.41-51
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2014.10.040
关键词: Landscape evolutionChemical weathering rateAnthropogenic influenceAtmospheric/soil CO 2WatershedDenudation rate
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)The chemical weathering rate and atmospheric/soil CO 2 consumption of Paraná flood basalts in the Preto Stream basin, São Paulo State, Brazil, were evaluated using major elements as natural tracers. Surface and rain water samples were collected in 2006, and analyses were performed to assess pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS), including SO 4 2− , NO 3 − , PO 4 3− , HCO 3 − , Cl − , SiO 2 , Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ , Na + and K + . Fresh rocks and C horizon samples were also collected, taking into account their geological context, abundance and spatial distribution, to analyze major elements and mineralogy. The Preto Stream, downstream from the city of Ribeirão...
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  • atmospheric 大气的
  • Brazil 巴西
  • weathering 风化酌
  • dissolved 溶解的
  • consumption 消耗
  • chemical 化学的
  • flood 洪水
  • anthropogenic 人为的
  • elements 初步
  • values 价值观