Development of tablets containing semipurii ed extract of guaraná ( Paullinia cupana )
作者: Traudi KleinRenata LonghiniMarcos Luciano BruschiJoão Carlos Palazzo de Mello
作者单位: 1Programa de Pós-graduação em Ciências Farmacêuticas, Departamento de Farmácia, Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil
刊名: Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, 2013, Vol.23 (1), pp.186-193
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2012005000147
关键词: guaranálactosemicrocrystalline cellulosemicroparticlesPaullinia cupanatablets
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)This study evaluated the technological feasibility of producing a semipurii ed extract of guaraná ( Paullinia cupana Kunth, Sapindaceae) in tablet form, using a direct- compression process. Maltodextrin and gum arabic were used to produce the extract microparticles, in order to protect the microparticles against such factors as temperature, oxidation, and humidity. Using pharmacopoeial methodologies, technological and physicochemistry tests (determination of residual moisture, of bulk and tapped density, Hausner ratio, compressibility and compactibility index, appearance, mean weight, hardness, friability, disintegration time, determination of EPA amount in tablets and in vitro release proi le) were conducted. The formulation containing 200 mg of microparticles, 170 mg...
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